Corporate Promotions

Promotional Tank Hire – Our Famous Green London Tank

Advertise On Our Tank

Promotional Tank Hire – We can take our tanks anywhere with your adverts

Publicity Stunts

Our Tanks draw a large media interest

Tank Limo

Promotional Tank Hire – Our world famous Tank Limo is ideal for large corporate launches

Amphibious Tanks

We have different types of tanks to suite our clients

Promotional Tank Hire

“There is NO BIGGER crowd puller than a Tank driving through London”

Tanks-A lot have been doing unusual things with tanks for 25 years and we are well-known for driving our Green Tank (and others when required) around London and other city’s, helping companies like yours make a statement with a bang!

Product Launches

We have been hired by some of the biggest buisnesses in the UK to Drive our tanks around London such as EA Games.

Social Campaigns

Tanks-Alot has provided tanks for some of the most popular public campaigns in the media, for, Oxfam, Pothole Britian and Bring Clarkson Back.


A Tanks huge flat surfaces and armor make the perfect advertising space.

We have no issues taking our Tanks to fixed locations on certain dates times to maximise your exposure just like we did for our long term client NetBet.

film Promotions

The companies custom built tanks have featured in a number of TV & Film Events such as BBC Top Gear, The Dictator and The Expendables (Films)

Customization and Prices

Quotes are based on the date, location, time spent and vehicle milage. We are able to respray or wrap (subject to additional costs) the tanks in your company banners, logos or colours. Fill out our simple form for a quote.

Promotional Tank Hire - Our Famous Pink Tank

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