Corporate Venue Hire

Our Corporate Venue Hire services have been employed for various types of corporate work

Flexible facilities

We can accomidate facilities for meetings, press or interviews

Over 150 Vehicles

A selection of over 150 Tank & Military Vehicles to choose from for your event

Full Range of Activities

Other than Tank Driving, we have other group activites to choose from

Corporate Venue Hire

As the biggest Tank Driving Experience Venue in the UK, we are the only one equipped to handle large corporate promotions, making us the number 1 military themed Corporate Venue Hire in the UK. We can offer full corporate entertainment through out the event.

Tanks-Alot has over 150 tanks and military vehicles to choose from, 100 acres of challenging courses and a tight, well trained team of experienced instructors, who can accomidate any corporate event you can think off.

Venue Hire

We have an extensive client base thanks to our venues adaptabilty:

  • We have modified our tracks for Toyota’s Driving academy
  • Made available editing and film crew facilities for the World Of Tanks PR events and driving experiences
  • Added product transfers to our vehices for the Fast And Furrious Movie frachise
  • Our team are well versed in front of the camera and participated on shooting footage as well as helping to meet our clients goals on the day


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Other Activites

  • Armourey Tour and lecture
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Boat shooting on our lake (Radio Controlled)
  • Plane shooting (Radio Controlled)
  • Car Crush with a Tank
  • Paintball
  • Survival Training


  • Full range of hot meals
  • Vegetarian options
  • Refreshments
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Mess dining hall
  • Wifi
  • Toilets
  • Hard Standing Parking
  • Event Paramedic
Blue Chip Clients
Prudential Assurance
Yellow pages
Gateway UK
Black Horse Financial Services
Cable and Wireless
Black Horse Agencies
NIB Capital Bank
Vales trucks
Bull Information Systems
Fennimore Solicitors
Philips Components
Winter Fur International
Goldman Sacxhs
London Electricity
Visa UK
HFC Bank
Lloyds Bank
Coppers and Lybrand
McNicholas Construction
Shearing Plough
British Aerospace
Coca Cola
Peterborough Software
Agents And Entertainment Clients
Sonia Dean (Events Incorporated)
Red Letter Days
Into The Blue
Ambrose Sports
Charles Russell
English Partnership
Gable Events
Motive Action
Business Pursuits
Whistle and Ride Productions
Whistle and Ride Productions
Advantage Sports
Mildred bell Events
Twizzle Events
Activity Superstore
Complete Liason
Fresh Tracks
Pembury Leisure
GM Events
Training World
Cavendish Sporting
Activate Scotland
UK Events
Boots Tank Driving days
Bourne Leisure

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