Spearmint Rhino London Tank Tour

Tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  We decided that rather than rent out our promotional tank to customers, it would be a good idea running up to Christmas to promote Tanks alot. We had a list of companies considering sharing The Abbott’s advertising space and  Spearmint Rhino, the pole and lap dancing gentlemen’s club, were the first to sign up.

We knew they would want a selection of dancing girls scattered over the turret and even though it was a bit of a hassle heaving their little hot bottoms up the side of the tank, we managed with the added bonus in that it was a rather effective way to warm our hands!  Both Todd and Tank Nut Dave were disappointed we weren’t promoting Hamley’s, the toy shop, as they rather like the toy tanks they sell.  Personally Fortnum and Mason’s would have been my choice as they do a damn good pork pie.

We rattled around London for a few hours with the girls giving out brochures.  The male shoppers in the crowd responded very enthusiastically often going back for several brochures!  One girl, Cindy, had a problem with her laces coming undone.  Even with a bad back she had a special way of tying them without bending a great deal. 

This might sound somewhat disappointing but the method she used had to be seen to be appreciated!!!  She also performed another party trick where she would have on stiletto clad foot on the pavement whilst stretching the other foot to rest on the end of the muzzle of the gun!  The muzzle is a good 7 feet from the ground so she had to execute a perfect vertical split to do it, all with a big smile on her face. 

Her smile was only matched by the 10,000 blokes who watched her do it!

With the air turning a bit cooler in the evening and with three practically naked women getting colder by the minute, we decided to retire to the club for a hot meal and to warm up.  The food was great and as for the warm up, best we leave that to the imagination.

Yet again The Abbott went like a Trojan, never missing a beat, with a good turn of speed.  Even the kerbs escaped damage as well as the crew and the girls.

It was a truly extraordinary day which we have every intention of repeating in the future.

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