Struggerling for a Kids Birthday Party Idea's?

During our Kids Birthday Parties the birthday boy gets to drive a tank!

Kids Birthday Parties

We Offer Custom Kids Birthday Parties For Teenagers

Armoury Tour

All Kids Birthday Parties include a tour of our large armoury for photographs

Party Guests

All Parties include guests. Kids Birthday Parties guests get to ride a tank, teenagers can drive too.

Kids Birthday Parties

During our Kids Birthday Party the birthday child gets to drive a tank!

We offer kids birthday parties from the age of 7. We can accommodate the birthday child driving a FV432 as well as rides for their friends. We can also let the birthday child crush a car with a tank, subject to age and height and extra cost.

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Our unrivalled driving experiences aren’t tasters, but don’t take our word for it, Read our Reviews

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Kids Birthday Parties

  • The birthday child will drive a 432 APC (automatic vehicle) with an instructor around one of our courses
  • Our instructor will then take birthday child and their guests for a ride on our Russian 2S1 SPG
  • The group then gets a tour of our armoury and venue, looking at some of our Military Vehicles
  • Then cake in the mess hall!

Please note: A responsable parent for the group needs to be with the kids at all time. Birthday cakes/snacks are provided by the parents.

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Teenage Parties

Depending on age, (and size) we can offer custom birthday parties for teenagers and their friends. The birthday child can choose from a selection of vehicles they wish to drive (up to 4).

For additional cost, the birthday boy can crush a car with a Chieftain Tank!

Guests can ride on the vehicles and for an additional fee, the guests can also drive the vehicles.

View our other Tank Driving Experiences for a gift

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