Gold Found In Our Tank – What Would Have You Done??!!

If, while you were restoring a captured Iraqi tank from gulf war one with lots of help from friends and family you made the find of your life.

Earlier in the week you had found live 50 cal ammunition and had to call the firearms dept and hand it in pronto.
So your already thinking other stuff could come to light and every time you un bolt another lump, you wonder what could be behind it.

Then you can’t understand why you can’t lift the last external fuel tank even though you know it’s been drained by yourself. All the fixings are undone, all the pipes are disconnected but it won’t budge.

Turns out it’s just the sheer weight! with some help you manage to lever the fuel tank up with a crowbar then lift it higher with a scaffold tube. Its then that you see a suspicious square hole hacked in the bottom of the fuel tank.

Your expecting guns but find five huge gold bars weighing about 5 kilos a piece.

lots of useful suggestions from the team, Cash converters, cash for gold? – I don’t think so.

In the end it’s a choice between the police, the Iraqi embassy or Kuwaiti embassy. Bear in mind the tank could easily have been involved with the invasion of Kuwait and the defence of Iraqi before it was captured by the British army and brought back to the UK as a trophy of war.

If you report the find and it’s taken away – it’s unlikely you will ever see it again, but you know your squeaky clean and in the clear. who knows one day, probably not soon, it could legally be yours.

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