Hire The World Famous Tank Limo

As seen on Top Gear, Dom Jolly and countless other TV Shows

Ideal for Events and Campaigns

For when you want to make a grand entrance

Perfect For special occassions

Such as Weddings & Prom’s

Tank Limo

Our world famous Tank Limo has featured on TV shows and several news outlets. The Tank Limo is ideal for arriving in style at Film Premieres, Promo’s, Stag & Hen Parties, Nights Out, Weddings and Commercial Campagins. If you can think of it, we can bring it!

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Dom Joly Attacks the cotsworld

The Tank Limo has appeared on countless TV Shows such as Top Gear, but our favourite was taking Dom Joly around the Cotsworld and his local village in a public pranc of armored proportions!

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Tank Limo Prom

Gary called us from Dorset about doing a prom night for his lad and their friends. Wow Dorset’s a bit of a trek but its no good building a stretched Tanklimo then not taking the bookings Debbie his secretary noticed it on 5th gear with Dom Jolley and were glad she did.

Dad had kept it a complete surprise and it went down well we all went for a drink and parked up in the market square in Dorchester and even the Mayor came out to meet us the police came to but the mayor soon saw them of ,probably said clear of sunny or I’ll have your badge. We did a few miles and ended up at the school ,all sorts their rolls Cornish was rather nice in front of me ,pretended to crush it the crowd loved it .All the limo drivers looked a bit sick their just so last year.


Tank Limo Weddings

“The Saturday came quick the skies were blue and the low loader came early, we were off to Wales, KlanNgocegokk (a small sleepy welsh town, until we got their!) to take Mat and Amy around for their wedding.

To say we stopped the town was a serious understatement the corners were tight for a car, so getting a stretch Tank Limo around took a just a touch of magic and a good banks man trained by the sas every body loved us Colin said it was like liberating Belgium in the 2nd ww the streets were lined with people cheering and taking photos, the girls from the local flower shop ran out and decorated Tank Limo just cos they couldn’t resist it. The bride was stunning.”

The Tank Limo In Action

We take the Tank Limo through Cornwall from a prom.

The vehicle is 2 former British Army FV432 APC (still in service) welded together with an original 2 man turret of the FV432 used in the Berlin Brigade. in addition too the 2 man turret, over 10 people can be comfortably seated in the plush rear section of the hull. Windows are mounted in the hulls sides and a TV screen is also installed.

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