Anti-Fracking Campagners, David Cameron

Had an enquiry about driving Tanklimo around Witney, sounded a nice easy job start at 9am finish at midday.

Then we were told Dame Vivian Westwood was coming along great more the merrier.

And a coach load of anti-fracking Nannies with gas masks. Right at the last minute I was told we were heading for David Cameron’s house for the demonstration, ow shit.

Was a little concerned but luckily I had Jill with her Police calming smile and my get out of jail box with its secret unseen contents handy Needles to say the day went smoothly.

Tanklimo went like a dream; Jill did lots of calming, her smile working overtime. And I learned all about Fracking and talking northern, another fun day, another Dollar’s.

Many thanks all involved.

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