Seems I have had my tank’s most places, even drag raced one at Santa pod and cabbied all of Top Gear around London. But never thought about taking them to the Grand National. Had a call from Betdaq about branding a couple as a promotion with lots of camo clad Dolly bird?

Took about 5 second for me to say that word that can easily get one in to trouble. Didn’t really take in to account the work needed to get one looking sharp in white during sub-zero conditions at short notice and the fact that it all had to be done during the Easter break.

Even sprayed the icicles hanging out of the Abbots drain holes it was so cold. Crazy camo lent a hand or two but blew his boiler early, it’s important to save a sprint for the end.

The Tank limo and the abbot were just within the weight limit and length for the low loader we use and wow what a load. The abbot rattled round for a few hours and seemed to be noticed just a tad by the Aintree crowds then we got to 2 and it was like a ghost town.

It was a fun day had by all. One thing that will stay in my mind will be all the girls in miniskirts with copper coloured legs trying to walk on crazy shoes, and how super helpful the police were, short of letting me have a go on one of their motorbikes they really couldn’t have done more, cheers chaps.

Seems it’s all about branding and we may be out again with them possibly across the water, watch this space.

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