Stranger Productions Crush a Car Day Photo Shoot

Frank rang us from stranger productions could he bring a couple of models down last minute job to crush a couple of cars etc. and a bit of driving in the evening No problem i said tomorrow is fine, well one of franks companies it seems is kinky designer boots not your normal army issue, I really wondered if these girls would manage to crush the cars in the chieftain let alone drive a 432 with these boots on.

One was a complete non driver so that helped a little they both mastered it pretty quick made a great job of demolishing the cars. Then decided they both fancied a machine gun or two as a souvenir luckily they fell for the old ‘paint that chieftain and I will give you the guns for free ‘ routein, took them most of the night but who cares frank and i went for a beer.

Any way if you’re walking round London and you see a pretty girl with a lot of blue eye shadow don’t give her any cheek she’s packing a first world war Shellfire Mauser fully auto machine pistol just like Winston Churchill.

And just a thought lf your under our 5 foot 1 height restriction wear a pair of franks mega platform Kinky boots they don’t seem to hinder your driving at all and you can reach the high bits when your painting ,im considering a pair myself in camouflage of course.

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