Being Hired For a Hyundai 4×4 Advert

We were approached by a film crew about producing an advert were a 4×4 takes on a tank ,sounds interesting i thought basically we tried to show that a Hyundai was as tough as a tank but quicker and a little more practical which we all know is rubbish the best bits of the advert were running a muck in Tesco’s car park smashing up cars and getting my seven year old Danny on it ,great little actor and never mentioned payment either my kind of guy.

Their was a bit were this dolly bird actress had to push the 4×4 hard of road, she was a bit nervous about this and they were silly enough to ask me if would do show them what it could do, although this motor had road tyres it did have the wonder of traction control which is bloody marvelous they dressed me up in the girl’s models clothes which was a bonus and she put mine on another bonus. we had a few posh bill paying Hyundai people in the back and we were off.

The thing really went well deep mud, big tank track ruts, airborne a few times ,some expensive crunching noises underneath and lots of very scared faces and a few screams from inside and the passengers were scared too .

I ended up facing a tank hump side ways and thought why not and accelerated at it not expecting to get up it “but it did” to every ones horror they were really hanging on and screaming at the top of their voices the problem was now we were on the top we had the Downie bit coming a sheer drop of twelve feet ,I tried to look cool as the bus fell over the edge and girlie next to me screamed +&%$ me at the top of her voice not recommended with all the toffs in the back it was a polite best behavior time.

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