Docklands Demonstration – Tank Limo

We had this mysterious call from a young lady called Hanna needed the Tanklimo in London in two days time .She was a little cagey about what it was wanted for ,which doesn’t really work with me .Turns out she wanted it to head a peaceful demonstration around Docklands highlighting the international arms fair being held at Excel on and needed some were secure to store the petrol bombs .Only kidding , It was the next day it dawned on me this was the anniversary of 9/11 and we in the heart of London ,Shit, glad im in a tank ,hope the weld were i joined the two halves together can take a full on blast. Decided for this one i would need the full crew Wonderful Wayne and No panic Nigel with me if we were to join forces with the great unwashed and pull it of with no accidents or upsets with the Police.

We met Hanna and Tina with their push bikes in London and quickly threw their bikes on the back of the low loader then sped of with them in the sleeper cab giving directions, in! no time at all we were wedged under a low bridge No sweat Nigel showed us his reversing skills while Wayne and i played stop the traffic, we eventual found a place to drop off the Tank and track of to the demo ,it was then that i learnt that two other tanks were lined up for the demo as well, But hadn’t i got the only hire and reward tank in the country i thought ,sure enough we soon learnt the Police had nabbed the other two and they wouldn’t be getting their.

Within ten minutes we had Police vans all around us .This will be interesting i thought, and it was the Police were good as gold and in no time had sorted us an escort, front and rear .The SPACE HIJAKERS followed on their bikes .As for the demo it was madder than a box of frogs nudity and a naughty nurse who took a shine to Wayne ,sad for her he prefers the more mature type see pics.All in all we had a great time real interesting. Tanklimo did the bizz yet again the police were great and the demonstrators ha! d washed ,well most of them anyway .if you get a chance take a! look at space hijackers web site its a cracker.

Finally for the military enthusiasts, why did we do it, will it get privately owned military vehicles a bad name. After some thought i decided they were going to get some one to do it and it could turn in to a riot with a tank at the front ,if i was doing the job i knew we could do it with a little consideration for the police, Excel and the m.o.d and if it started turning nasty say thank you very much and good bye, im the last person wanting trouble associated with military vehicles’ and then their was the money and the Naked girls and a day out of the workshops for me and the lads.

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