Red letter Day Tennis Tournament with Tank Limo

We were asked by the girls at red letter days if we could ship the stretch Limo tank to their Nottingham tennis tournament for display and had i built the Jacuzzi in the back yet. Well i know better to disappoint these girls sweet and innocent on the outside but thigh boot whip cracking Neo Nazi’s on the in side ,Out came the welder and sheets of steel with lots of swearing ,almost electrocuting myself with all the welding and water everywhere not to mention some nasty nipple welding due to welding with my shirt off The job was done.

A fast learning curve about Jacuzzi’s in tanks .May become a regular feature in British army command vehicles for the officers, who knows We were told their would be thousands attending and we know the red letter girls are pretty demanding so i decided it could only be Colin our sas Instructor who could survive a whole week, could he man handle 22000 thousand kids in to the Jacuzzi was h! e a strong enough swimmer ,had he got his life savers badge. Could he manage to keep those Red letter girls at bay, away from his finely chiselled muscular body?

Two out of three’s not bad and we now know he can do the breast stroke .The trick is not to get yours self cornered and to keep turret hatches open so you have an escape rout, He slipped up just the once and got his uniform literally ripped from his body and the rest is history, will he ever get over it, they say time heals but does that mean hours or years? He said she had the strength of ten it was like wrestling an alligator on steroids.

Thank God i left after the first day .i had intended to go back on the Thursday but im ashamed to say i was just too scared.

On the positive side the tank limo behaved herself, really wow’d the crowds, hundreds of smelly kids had a dam good bath, and we showed how you can drive a tank across a tennis court without leaving a mark and squeeze it through almost impossible! Gaps and remained unmolested.


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