Kerrang Radio Tank Limo – 24th August 2006

We had a call From Kerrang radio the night spot with Tim Shaw, would i fancy bringing along the stretch limo tank and doing a piece on the radio live. Now its not the first time me and sas Colin have been on the ASYLUM ,Tim shaws show chatting about tank driving and sleeping with the sas .Last time we were on every time we spoke live two girls stripped of and tried to distract us by sitting on our laps starker’s ,It worked well .Colin also got involved in a silly game trying to see who could hang the most cd’s on the girls Nipples using ice cubes ect .Of course i declined .

On this particular night Rebecca loos, allegedly David beckams old girl friend was on the show too. A charming girl but seemed to clash with presenter Tim Shaw she had said he wasn’t man enough to handle driving a tank and he got me to vouch for his tanking skills cos he has been to our place and did pretty good. We all ended up in the street with Tim in the driving seat and I as commander holding a H licence this was actually legal. The idea was he tracked of up the road and turned in to this big unused car park and if he made the grade carry on around broad street in Birmingham’s club land, cruzin .Unfortunately he decided to park the tank on top of Rebecca’s new Audi, Not much i could do really,the commander is their to give advise on manovering and position of other traffic not knock the driver unconscious and stop the tank. Rebecca took it pretty well if that includes calling him a ffffing wwwker and storming off getting him sacked and demanding a new car by the following day or a solicitors letter will be sent.

Still, looking on the bright side we still did Broad street with the limo tank Just as all the clubs were in chucking out mode .I drove of course the reaction was out of this world ,Girls constantly flashing their boobs hundreds of people taking phone pictures and the occasional Asian chap thinking the United Nations were after him ,Then on return a photo shoot with beautiful naked page three girls in the Limo tanks Jacuzzi just for Colin’s amusement One or two of the other crew seemed rather keen too. On top of that i won a super flash paintball gun and the limo tank has popped up in some big newspapers, Alls well that ends well.

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