Amnesty International Campaign

We did a job for Amnesty International delivering disarmament letters to all the foreign embassy’s around London in one of our legal tanks.

They must have been impressed because soon afterwards they asked would i do a similar thing on a regular basis and would i be prepared to paint my best Abbott a different colour.

After i had agreed a price they told me pink and gay pride marches.”ow shit ” how am i going to get my chaps up for this one, simple i thought tell them its a promotion for Revlon loads of beautiful model’s and celebrities but we do have to paint the tank pink and wear pink nail varnish.

They fell for it hooks line and sinker. Being fair i did issue them all with champagne corks on strings to be tied to their belts incase of emergencies .One or of them learnt how hard it is to run away from 18 stone of muscled naked black man on roller skates. But was he really trying.

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