Tank Limo Goes To Holland – Its first time abroad

We had a call from a guy called Coen, who asked if we could ship the Tank Limo to Holland for a big party he and his pals were organising. It didn’t take me long to say yes. It turned out it was a massive party for a college campus fraternity. The only rule was every guy who had an invite, had to bring two beautiful girls with him, and they’re not in short supply in Holland, take my word for it.

It took three of us two days of cleaning and polishing inside and out to get the Tank ready and all went surprisingly smoothly. There was great food on the ferry and comfy cabins too. I loved the party. This fraternity hold this sort of a bash every 5 years and it goes on for a couple of weeks. We were really there for the organisers, Diedrick, Coen and the other 4 to make a grand entrance at midnight. Six young guys all dressed in gold suits and shoes. Wow!

It was very tight getting the Tank Limo into the main party area, but it gets into some pretty tight spaces with a bit of careful driving. We had a couple of brushes with the police, one before the party and one during. We were lucky to smooth over the second one. They were firearms officers and at first were frosty to say the least. They were surprised customs hadn’t given us any trouble on the way over.

British customs made up for it on the way back. They ended up X raying the low loader and Tank with this massive X-ray boomed truck. We got the all clear which was a relief coming back from a place like Rotterdam.

What did I learn?

1. Ferry food for the truckies is good.
2. Long hauls are very tiring.
3. The Dutch police don’t like guns much.
4. Dutch girls are tall, slim and beautiful
5. Dutch guys are generally 7 foot tall.
6. When someone says they have organised a bed for you, check you get a room to put it in, bless.
7. Would we do it again? Yes
8. Craig the lorry driver is a red hot go cart racer.
9. At a very loud bash, when you open the backdoor of the Tank Limo, the vehicle becomes a speaker and is deafening inside, earplugs required.

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