The Mud Man Tank Driving

The mud man, on a full Monty we often get a little mud some times a lot. On this particular day we had a reasonable water splash that had turned to porridge Nigel the local landlord of the red lion was on his birthday full Monty day.

His girlfriend whispered in my ear could we get him a bit muddy, always keen to oblige i had a word with the loader instructor i asked if he could arrange a touch extra speed so a small amount of slop came over the top of the drivers hatch on to Nigel’s thighs who in turn had a word with the driving instructor.

God knows what he said all we heard was Drive, Drive Power, Power as the instructor disappeared down the commanders cupola closing the hatch behind him .The rest is history Nigel took it well if i could have seen his face i think it was smiling. His girlfriend Dawn nearly died laughing another reason to always have a paramedic on site. As for the vehicle guess who had the cleaning job.

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