Filming The New Dr Who Series with our Tank

Now the dust  has settled and the new Dr who series has started we can add our pictures to the website Three days and thee night in sunny wales for three minutes of footage, but great footage because it has a Tank in it, do I sound biased.

Hard work all this hurry up and wait. And all the eating drains your strength.

As back up I took smiley Jill my sister when I’m on a film set and heavy work is needed with experience I now know to disappear and leave Jill struggling, and in no time at all she will be surrounded in big burly guys flexing their muscles and falling over each other to help.

The Chieftain behaved itself well yet again which is a miracle for any chieftain. On reflection I slipped up only once I could have saved them a fortune.

The plan was to drive it through the castle gates in to the courtyard as they filled the place with smoke. If I had backed the Chieftain in with the turrets facing backwards, with a couple of revs I could have made more smoke and they wouldn’t have needed the tubes on my exhausts and a dozen men on each side running along carrying them.

Watched the first episode loved my tank couldn’t even see the top of my head, BUMMER.

Must admit I lost the plot very quickly, maybe it shod now be called Dr What? Rather than Dr who, But cheers guys we both had a great time.

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