Deluxe Tank Driving Experience


The Deluxe Tank Driving Experience is the ultimate UK tank driving experience.

Drive 3 tanks (in service with over 30 countries around the world), have a tour of our large armory, where you get the chance to complete the Bren Gun Strip challenge and then finally crush a posh car of your choice with a 56 tonne Tank!

PLEASE NOTE: Before booking, please check with the office which posh cars are available to crush (see selection below). You will have to pay the surplus value of the posh car on the day, minus the voucher bought online.


Deluxe Tank Driving Experience Activities

The Deluxe Tank Driving Experience is the ultimate UK driving experience. You get too:

  1. Drive a British Army FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
  2. Drive the Big Russian v8 turbo powered Russian 2S1 Grozdilza
  3. Drive a British Army Stormer Starstreak missile launcher (SAM)
  4. Tour of the Armoury for some “Charlie’s Angels” pictures posing with the machine Guns, followed by the Bren Gun strip challenge.

Finally the best bit, blast over a clean complete posh car in 56 tons of Chieftain Main Battle Tank! (see selection below)

On The Day

The Deluxe Tank Driving Experience takes place on the morning or afternoon of your choice. You will arrive on site, get changed into overalls, camo paint added to your face and loaded into an FV432 to drive you to our tank driving course.

You’re also welcome to prod and hinder the lads in the workshops while having a look at some of our special tanks, don’t mention the pink one.

Spectators & Other Drivers

It has been known for a driver to add a few other drivers at £349 per head and turn it into a mini competition, with the best driver winning the crush. Spectators get ride on the vehicles as the driver goes round and are charged £15 per spectator for the experience.

Posh Car Selection

We always carry a stock of real beauties to make your crushing experience even more memorable, Rolls Royce’s, Bentley’s Porsche’s even a MK11 Coombs jaguar and an iconic pink 59 Cadillac.

Learn More About The Vehicles

All Drivers will be operating vehicles currently in service in over 30 different countries including the British Army!

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