I was proud to tell my chaps GIRLS ALOUD were coming over to crush a car .The chaps jumped up and down with excitement whooping with joy hugging and kissing each other. Its rare they come in to contact with women and these were pretty special women .They argued about which member of this red hot girl band was the cutest and how ,if they could only steal a kiss it could end in marriage and a big house in the country and all that stuff .

I later realised it wasn’t GIRLS ALOUD the pop group it was NO GIRLS ALLOWED a kids TV show for young lads .I hadn’t the heart to tell them and anything that may encourage them to bath could only be a good thing whatever the reason.

When the big day came they all ran around in their best uniforms smelling of Hi karate and brut 55 looking as important as possible and remembering not to pick their noses etc .The film crew turned up bang on time and set up the cameras .Then a small Peugeot pulled in the yard and out stepped this chap with two young lads Arron and Sam.

Arron with a big smile beaming across his face told us he was from NO GIRLS ALLOWED and had won a chieftain tank car crush that was going out on the telly. It took my chaps a while to realise the totty wouldn’t be arriving after all, and any way who needs a woman when you already have an overdraft.

Arron was a bright young lad who looked like he was up for anything and sure enough he was, he did a smashing job left track straight up the middle of the car stopping perfectly on the top to get the most dramatic pictures afterwards, a real cool dude in fact if you want a sneak preview we attached a video of the crush.

My boys came out too but in the end boredom got the better of them, these film jobs can drag on a bit and Danny put a bucket on his head understandably and Ashley fell asleep under a camera tripod .Loads of fun was had by all and im sure the last owner of the Fiesta will be thrilled his car was a star. PS GIRLS ALLOUD if you’re out their im sure we could muster up a beamer or merc for you.

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