Jo Whiley Crushes Scot Mills Car

We had a phone call from a guy called Mat at the BBC Assistant director, could we remove Scott mills car and let Jo Whiley crush it with a chieftain with Scott live on the phone on air, Money was discussed and the deal was done Myself and my professional co driver and car stealing friend, Lou Lou Belle would steal the motor from under the BBC studios in London.

Scott was in Ibiza DJ’ing so no real danger. When his buddies Jo came she rang him, reminded him off all the wicked things he had done then started smashing up his motor with my favourite hammer, taunting the poor chap then eventually asked me to blast 56 ton of chieftain over it with her in the turret .All in a days work really.

For those of you who listen to Laura on the program and wonder what face fits her lovely voice, the best i can do is one of the pictures below, reckon she does a bit of building work in her spare time, or at the least a keen DIYer. Sorry Scott i guess i owe you a tank drive or some thing i reckon it all hits the airwaves 28th July.

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