Tank Driving Experience For the Cast of American Chopper TV Series

We were asks if a bunch of yanks could come over with a film crew to mess about with tanks and stuff it was pretty good money and it fitted nicely between some big corporate days the clients were Orange county chopper.

Never heard of them but who cares ,a couple of days before they were coming i mentioned it to my chaps at the wind down of a big tank day and one went mad with excitement then they all started jumping about calling me a liar.Was i the only person not watching American chopper on cable.

Turns out these guys are bigger than swartsanigger in the states build the most expensive choppers on earth and have their own TV series were the dad paulie and his sons little Pauli and mike are always fighting and smashing things up .One of my chaps got me a DVD the night before they were arriving, oh shit what have i let myself in for demolition derby tank day.

Turned out i couldn’t have been more wrong real good old boys drove great even let them loose with shotguns on! the radio control plane shooting stand, big Pauli shot well blew one plane out of the sky after it had nearly given the camera man a haircut, but a great day and i cant wait to see the next series ,it should be out June 06.

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