Military Springer ATV

Price: from £9,500 onwards Plus VAT

Selection of Springers smooth ride, diesel powered automatic ,with diff locks, very caperble off road and fun to drive ,can carry a ton payload. Possible to road register. As new condition virtually unused by the British Army, manufacturing cost £84,000 .


The Military Springer ATV is an all-terrain vehicle developed for the UK Army by UK-based Enhanced Protection Systems (EPS). The vehicle supports British troops in Afghanistan. The new vehicle fleet was delivered to the army in summer 2009.

Designed as a light role load carriage platform, Springer is based on the US-made Tomcar all-terrain vehicle (ATV) platform. Tomcar first entered into service with Israel’s defence forces as a patrol vehicle. The two-seater British version design incorporates basic armour. It can accommodate two crew members. Springer vehicles have rear cargo beds to carry loads of up to 1t, which is high in comparison with similar ATVs.

The 4 x 2 vehicle can self load a 1t pallet of supplies. Each vehicle is equipped with an 8,000lb self recovery winch and sand ladders, which act as loading ramps for cargo pellet.

The vehicle is marketed for roles of security all the way to farming thanks to its 1 tonne payload capability.

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Military Springer ATV Specifications

Towing Load: 2.7 tonne
Cargo Box: Payload: 1.4 tonne
Tyres: Front AT 25 x 8-12 Rear: AT 26 x 12-12
Suspension: Front: Double Wishbone, Travel: 13.5″ (343mm)
Rear: Trail Arm, Travel: 13″ (334mm)
Heavy Duty, with adjustable dual coilover springs, gas/hydraulic shocks on board compressor system with load compensators.
Steering: Rack and Pinion. 1.6 Turn Lock to Lock
Brakes: Power Hydraulic Brakes 4 Discs
Fuel: 6.75 Gallon / 27 Litre Safety Tank (2 Tanks)
Electric: 12V 46 AH Battery. Alternator + Regulator 60 AMP, inc 24V Inverter Power Socket, Halogen Head Lights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Rear Fog
Instrumentation: Speedometer, Mileage, Voltometer, Fuel Gauge, Low Oil Pressure Turn Signal, High/Low Beam, Temperature Gauge/DLPAL
Seat: Adjustable, Bucket Type, Head Rest, 4 Point Safety Harness
Transmission: Automatic V-Belt CVT, High/Low Gear Box, Rear Wheel Drive, Final drive: oil bathed chains, differetial Lock

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