MAN HX UN 9856 Truck  – good runner class A just 12,000 kilometres perfect for an overland camper project.



MAN HX UN 9856 TRUCK – good runner class A just 12,000 kilometres perfect for an overland camper project.

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The HX/HX2 ranges of trucks combine militarised commercial driveline and chassis with the latest version of a modular military-specific cab. The HX/HX2 ranges are based on chassis and drivelinecomponents of MAN’s commercial TG WorldWide heavy truck range which was first introduced in 2000. The HX2 range use a dedicated chassis.[1][2]

Drive axles are MAN single tyre hub-reduction, and with the exception of the heavier tractor units which are full-time all-wheel drive for traction and torque distribution reasons, all models have selectable front axle(s) drive. All axles have cross-axle differential locks and there are longitudinal differential locks in rear (and front on 8×8 and 10×10 chassis) axle combinations and the transfer case. Axle weight ratings are 9000 kg or 11,000 kg for front axles, and 10,000 kg for rear axles with single wheels/tyres.[1]

Front steer-drive axles (including the 2nd axle on 8×8/10×10 chassis) are sprung by a combination of parabolic leaf springs with progressively acting rubber assistors and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. Rear axles are sprung by inverted multi-leaf trapezoidal springs with radius rod and an anti-roll bar. A conventional rear bogie set-up is employed for 6×6 and 8×8 chassis. The HX45M 10×10 features hydropneumatic suspension for the rear three axles.[1]

The standard 14.00 R 20 tyres may be replaced by 395/85 R 20, 525/65 R 20 or 16.00 R 20 tyres if required. A central tire inflation system (CTIS) or semi-automatic tire inflation system and run-flat inserts are options.[1]

All models can climb a 60% gradient, traverse a 40% sideslope, have an approach angle of 40 degrees, and ford 750 mm of water without preparation, this increasing to 1.5 m with preparation.[1]

With the exception of the modular military cab, the location of the cooling pack and a small number of military specific ancillary items and modifications, for cost efficiency reasons RMMV has strived for maximum commonality with the TG commercial product.[1]


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