CVRT Sultan Safari Gunbus

Cvrt Safari Gunbus – a purpose built vehicle for shooting parties that can seat up to 12 guns


CVRT Sultan Safari Gunbus – What do you think of this?

This is the first of many we plan to convert, the second is already underway. The CVRT Sultan Safari was built from an ex British Army CVRT Sultan with just 600 hours use, in excellent running order. The soft top with windows is being manufactured by a company who make similar soft tops for the MOD and will have roll up sides for sunny days.
These vehicles are road legal and mot exempt and will soon be tax exempt too. They are very easy to drive but require an H Licence to be operated on U.K. Roads. Here at Tanks A Lot  we regularly put people through the test with a DSA examiner, we have had only one fail in the last ten years.
Off road the CVRT Sultan Safari is great fun, has very light ground pressure, hardly marking grass even when turning and an unbelievable ability in tough conditions, out stripping any wheeled vehicle.
All will be fitted with a military grade drivers night vision sight so the vehicle can be driven at night without lights being used. A real help when night shooting. If your wife’s not keen on coming shooting maybe she could be persuaded if she got to drive the Safari!
The building of this actual vehicle can be watched on our Tanks A Lot Facebook with dozens of live feeds, movies and pictures, please take a look. This actual vehicle is just back from giving rides at the Trucks Tanks and Firepower show and behaved faultlessly over three days.

Below is a list of the donor CVRT Sultan vehicle specifications – expect more speed and acceleration as we have removed about three ton in weight during the conversion.
When manufactured in the mid seventies they cost half a million –  the prime ministers car cost just £2,500 do the maths – it would cost millions these days!


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