Chieftain Recovery Vehicle


Our Chieftain Recovery Vehicle is fully functioning with working HIAB Crane and recovery winches, though it does require some external work.
Although low mileage good condition it will now need some TLC after sitting for 5 years.


About Chieftain Recovery Vehicle:

The Chieftain Tank was also built-in different variations, these included the FV4205 AVLB and the FV4204 ARV/ARRV (Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle).

The FV4204 ARV is based upon the hull and suspension of the FV4201 Chieftain Mark 5. The ARRV is essentially the ARV plus an Atlas crane.

Chieftain Recovery Vehicle Specifications:

Armament 1 x 7.62 mm L37A1 Machine Gun, 2 x 6-barrel smoke dischargers, 2 x 4-barrel smoke dischargers;
Crew 4 + 1;
Weight in action (ARRV with crane) 55,640 kg;
Length (travelling with blade) 8.57 m;
Height 3.43 m; Width (over blade) 3.53 m;
Width (over tracks) 3.33 m;
Track width 0.61 m;
Ground clearance approx. 0.5 m;
Maximum road speed 42.2 km/h;
Range (roads) 400-500 km; Range (cross-country) 200-300 km;
Engine type Leyland L60 No 4 Mark 8A diesel; Engine power 750 bhp at 2,100 rpm;
Engine capacity 19 litres;
Fuel capacity 955 litres;

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